The relationship we build with ourselves is the most important relationship we will ever preserve. It’s imperative that we learn to love the skin we’re in and take care of ourselves, physically and spiritually. The way we perceive ourselves is identical to how we expect others to see us well. The most valuable and metamorphic journey in life is learning to love ourselves from the inside out, and beautiful things start happen when you finally do. You’ll stop seeking approval from others. Once you truly confide in yourself the opinions of others won’t be seem to be as relevant anymore. To be honest- you won’t really care what other people think about you because your own opinion is the only validation you’ll ever truly need. Nothing and none can mutilate your self-worth because you feel untouchable. You’ll immerse yourself in only positive things that’ll be beneficial to your well-being. You’ll find contentment within yourself. You will find great pleasure in being alone because you’ve finally realized that you’re never truly alone if you have yourself. When you finally cherish the person that you’ve become you will stop searching for an outside source of happiness. Others may add to your happiness, but they cannot damage it because you have the control over it. You will no longer be codependent on somebody else to constitute your peace of mind.

You’ll stop noticing your flaws. The imperfections that you’ve always wanted to change won’t seem so vexatious anymore. You’ve finally accepted that your glitches make you who you are and you’ll start to appreciate them rather than reprehend them. If somebody else can love you for your imperfections then why cant you love yourself for them as well? You’ll stop comparing yourself to others. You’ll realize that you aren’t in competition without anyone else besides the person looking back in the mirror. Instead of comparing yourself to others you will find new ways to improve yourself. You’ll be able to appreciate the beauty in others while still recognizing your own. When you begin to love yourself from the inside out you will stop searching for home within others. You will find home within yourself

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